Fire Restoration Dallas
Fire Restoration Dallas

Fire damage can be both physically and emotionally damaging for homeowners. The aftermath of a house fire can mean weeks or months of structural repairs and might even require homeowners to leave their homes for a period of time. Smoke odors can penetrate into the structure and contents of a home while soot blankets everything in the home in thick layers.

Fire damage to furniture and contents requires immediate attention and repairs. If the furniture and contents stay on site, they will continue to absorb the odors and soot residues within the structure. T-Rock has secure cleaning facilities where we can move your furniture and contents and inspect, clean, restore, or refinish them to their original conditions.

Almost any surface or material in a home can absorb the odors caused by smoke. The absorption can be especially strong if the material’s surface is porous. Materials that can absorb odors include fabrics, wood, leathers, concrete, and more. T-Rock employs EPA approved products and ozone that can remove or neutralize these bad odors. We are proud to serve the greater Atlanta GA area, so contact us now if you’ve had fire damage!

What to do After a Fire

  1. Minimize the amount of movement that occurs inside of a home. Movement can lead to soot accumulation in carpets and upholstery

  2. Regularly wash your hands to avoid transferring soot to the walls and furniture

  3. Avoid soot tracking by placing clean towels in high-traffic areas of the home. It is also a good idea to consider covering the furniture in your home

  4. Clean chrome objects with a small amount of Vaseline or oil

  5. Clean the soot off of houseplants by wiping off both sides of all of the leaves around the home.

  6. Replace your HVAC filter

  7. Place a double layer of cheesecloth over the air registers in your home.This will absorb soot and protect your lungs.


What NOT to do After a Fire

  1. Do not attempt to wash the walls. This is a very tricky job and requires the work of professionals. Call a T-Rock professional instead.

  2. Avoid any canned food that was stored near heated areas of your home

  3. Avoid cleaning your electrical appliances. They may have shorted or become hazardous during the fire.

  4. Avoid turning on fixtures in a wet ceiling. The wiring of the fixtures may have been permanently damaged and will therefore need to be replaced.


The Damage to Furniture and Contents needs immediate attention after fire damage occurs. While on site, furniture and contents may continue to absorb odors and soot residues. T-Rock has the ability to professionally move your furniture and contents to our secure cleaning facilities where they can be inspected, cleaned, restored, or refinished to a pre-loss condition.

Odors from the Smoke can be absorbed by almost any surface or material. This fact is especially true if the surface or material is porous. Fabrics, wood, leathers, concrete, etc. can all trap and hold odors. T-Rock utilizes EPA approved products and ozone to remove or neutralize bad odors as a result of fire damage. We proudly serve the greater Atlanta GA area – if you’ve had fire damage contact us now!


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