Modified Roofing
Modified Roofing

With the available options of hot or cold applications along with a wide range of performance levels, modified roofing provides exceptional waterproofing protection for buildings.

Modified roofing is best known for combining the benefits of advanced adhesives and modified roofing membranes with reliable, time-tested installation techniques for ensuring the best results.

What are Modified Roofing Systems?


Modified roofing systems, also referred to as “modified bitumen roofing systems”,  are typically low slope roofing membranes. It named this for the membrane makeup typically consisting of modifiers that are usually added to standard roofing asphalt for replacing the plasticizers that are removed during the process of distillation. Bitumen is then reinforced with the help of polyester fiber or fiberglass to increase the overall strength and durability.

The two most common types of modified roofing systems are APP and SBS. The utilization of SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) roofing membrane aims at increasing the overall flexibility of the roofing system. Moreover, it also allows for ensuring stronger contraction and expansion capabilities. The other type of modified bitumen roofing system is the APP (Atactic Polypropylene) membrane which is typically used to increase the overall agility of the roofing system.

Benefits of Modified Roofing Solutions


Modified roofing systems are quite popular amongst both residential and commercial building projects in and around Dallas. We offer the best-in-class modified roofing solutions for the best results.

Two Benefits of Modified Roofing:

  1. Durable: Once installed, modified bitumen roofing can last for several years. The modified roofing membrane is quite sturdy and does not get damaged easily.

  2. Resistant to Harsh Weather: Effective weather resistance is one of the significant strengths of modified roofing systems. They are perfect for harsh winters in Dallas.


Modified Roofing Installations


There are four typical modified roofing installation methods including Torch Application, Cold Pressed Adhesives, Hot Mopped, and self-adhering sheets.

If you are considering a modified roof for your commercial property and have some questions, please take advantage of our expert knowledge by booking a non-obligation modified roofing consultation.


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